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How to get access to airport lounge economically.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Airport lounge usually represents luxurious lifestyle of the wealthy. But if you know the right way, airport lounge is easy to get in.

1. Credit Card Privilege.

This is the way that most people get access to the lounge. Many credit cards provide FREE lounge access. Some provide as vouchers, some provide third party lounge access card and some can use that credit card itself to access.

However, they usually limit number of lounge visits per year except some high-end credit card that may provided unlimited access.

Tip: If you apply those credit cards during promotion time, you may get a free lounge access from moderate-level credit cards as well.

2. Pay a One Time Entrance Fee or Register for Lounge Member

If you do not travel frequent, why don't you pay for one time access ? Some lounge let you pay an entrance fee to get access lounge. For example, Plaza premium lounge, Global Lounge Network, Aspire Lounges.

Tip: You will see a lot of discount from many company in front of these lounge so you can get lounge access with cost-friendly.

But if you always travel all the time, it will be better if you register lounge member to get economical cost entrance fee. They also provide unlimited access in some package.

3. Buy a Business Class or First Class ticket

"Condor Business Class" by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

You can deny the fact that "Quality comes with a price". The airline need to make their passengers happy especially premium passengers so lounge is one of the service that premium passenger can relax before take a flight.

Tip: Business Class Ticket is affordable than you think if you using credit card point or keep checking promotion price from travel agent like Skyscanner, Cheap Flight Ticket Facebook Fan Page.

If you do some research, you will know that Even Economy ticket from some airlines also provide lounge access.

4. Purchase For Membership Third-Party Lounge Pass

Third-Party Vendor for Lounge Access

This one is better than Lounge Member because Third-Party vendor offers world-wide lounge access (1000+ lounges all over the world) so it is quite guarantee that you can access lounge even you fly with low cost airline and no need to apply any Lounge or Airline membership.

There are two main vendors right now which is Priority Pass & Dragonpass. They has several packages for you to choose. For example, $99 membership fee for only $30 per lounge access or $400 membership fee for unlimited access.

Tip: You may don't want to pay some High Fee credit card that has this privilege but if you apply when it has promotion, point that you earn can redeem rewards or ticket which is much worth than credit card Fee !

5. Become Airline Membership / Frequent Flyer Program

Many airlines have their own lounge for their premium customer. You cannot access their lounge if you are not pass the criteria (normally is number of mileage) or buy Business & First class ticket. This can help airlines keep their customer which call "Loyalty Program". This method is not easy because you need to have a lot of flight to reach their tier.

Tip: Airline Alliance is one of the best way for lounge access. You can access any Airline Alliance member lounge in the same brand. For example, you can use Thai Airways lounge if you have gold status of Star Alliance. Same as Oneworld & SkyTeam airline alliance program.

Now you know the way to get lounge access economically so what are you waiting for. Let's explore the world !

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Boom B
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