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A Great Opportunity to book the flight ?

Updated: May 27, 2020

A Lock down forces an aviation to stop services on international flights. However, all business need cash flow to survive so several airlines need to announce a good deal to attract customers. We combined interesting deal for you here.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. Changing your destination within 5,000 miles for Free !!

Qatar airways allows you to travel from US to Asia with only price of US to Europe (Or vice versa) !! Or change to your destination that normally expensive. This is one of the best deal in Aviation Industry!

*Contact Qatar airways call center for more information

2. Free change on new flight

Several airlines offer you a flexible travel date even for a new ticket that just purchased. So you can purchase with current price (quite low at the moment) with worry-free. If corona virus situation is not better this year, you can change to 2021.

Here are some airlines example that has this promotion

  • Lufthansa

  • Qatar airways

  • United

  • Swiss

  • Air Canada

  • American Airlines

  • British Airways

  • *More

You can visit this link for more airlines & detail and follow this picture. Thanks to for a great information.

3. Good price for international & domestic flight

Again, almost all airlines lower an airfare to attract customers during this period. Especially domestic flight such as United States, China, Japan. No specific airline to mention, you can check via travel agency like skyscanner, cheapflights, expedia, kayak to check on the price.

Caution: Reader discretion is advised!

There is a forecast that airfare will sharply increase post corona virus pandemic because airlines need to do social distancing on the plane so number of passenger need to be reduced per a flight. Another reason is several airlines may bankrupt after this therefore airlines that can survive in this crisis have more power to bargain with customers.

Anyway, to survive on this crisis, they need to announce an incredible deal so an airfare should be low for a while until the event end.

Cheap fare + Free cancellation from Hotel & Airlines is a good time to plan post corona trip!

Above article is an opinion from the author only.

Please consider before booking the flight because you need to take a risk on a great deal vs flight cancellation (If an airline has a financial problem later)

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new SS
Jun 15, 2020

Good conditions


Jun 06, 2020

Ohhhh... Great!!

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