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Handle with the Virus during Travel

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Need to travel but afraid of Virus? We studied from several reliable sources and summarized info for you here. How to handle with Virus during travel 101.

1. Bring Hand Sanitizer gel (70%+ Alcohol.)

To solve the problem, you need to find the root cause. If you cannot protect the virus spread from others, you need to prevent yourself from getting the virus to your body! Most people get infected from breathing, eating, or touching eyes.

So bring hand sanitizer gel with you (with 70%+ Alc.) and regularly using it can kill the virus on your hands before you touch your foods, drinks or your face. This can reduce the risk of getting infected a lot.

Tip: Portion some gel into a container that size less than 100 ml. because you are allowed to bring and use it on the plane.

2. Wear a mask

We all know that the virus can get into the body by inhaling. However, we cannot fully prevent the virus from inhaling by using a normal mask because the virus particles can still go around the edges of the mask. The N95 mask is the solution but you need a bit of train to use it properly and it is not comfortable at all to walk around while wearing this mask.

Anyway, it is still a good thing to wear a mask because at least it can protect direct contact from other people's snot and sputum.

3. Wash your hands

This is a classic way to prevent virus the best. Washing your hands before eating or touching your face is certainly killed the virus. However, you need to wash them with the correct method. If not, this will be meaningless.

Most of the international airports provide soap in the restroom, anyway it is still a good idea to bring hand sanitizer gel in case they don't provide.

4. Eat clean and cooked food

You never know that food on the shelf which ready to serve has a virus or not. A virus may transfer via air to the food so it is better to eat something that just cooked!

Justify by your intuition what to eat, select a trusted restaurant in the area or even cook by yourself if your accommodation during travel allows cooking.

5. Avoid crowded area

Try to avoid the crowded area as much as possible, you never know which person has a virus. Try to find a new photo spot in a popular attraction to avoid the crowd. Who knows, you may discover a new good photo spot that you will never forget.

Share this article with your friends and the one that you love so they can travel worry-free! :)

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