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Interesting facts on our planet during a pandemic

Coronavirus disease pandemic cause several countries are on lockdown. Every cloud has a silver lining. Even though it potentially impact to a lot of people, our planet is restoring.

One thing that went viral on the internet were wild animals visiting the city because people stay inside the house. It means that people less disturb the nature. Here are cute moments around the world.

Wales - mountain goats eating flowers and hedges from gardens in the city centre.

Chile - Cougar looking for food in the city. Then it was released to its natural habitat outside Santiago.

Nepal - Rhino patrolling a street helps enforce national lockdown.

India - Citizens in Indian state of Punjab seeing the Himalayan mountain for the first time in 30 years due to lower air pollution.

South Africa - Penguins wandering around the city and Lions laying on the street at Kruger national park .

Thailand - Both sea & lands animals were spotted which are very rare to see in normal situation. For example, pink dolphins, false killer whales were found in new location. Newborn golden twin langurs. Baby sea turtles thriving.

Argentina - Sea lion stayed in a Mar del Plata harbour.

Italy - Although there is a fake news on dolphin and swan returned to Venice, the canal become more clear is a real fact.

France - Deer walking around Paris streets.

One more thing that we know is CO2 emission during lockdown could be the lowest in 70 years since World War II because several factories and transportation stopped.

As you see, our world will be better after a pandemic. However, we need to protect an environment as well, not just let mother nature recover by herself !

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