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How to track COVID-19 situation

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The COVID-19 situation is getting worse in some countries so people should take this situation more serious to prevent spreading of the virus.

Caution: Don't spend time too much on the news because it may cause you stress and anxiety!

We would like to share this useful information as much as possible if this can help people raise awareness and reduce spreading.

1. Realtime Tracking Map

There are many websites that allow you to track number of cases in each country to help you avoid going into risked area.

WHO map link - World Health Organization (WHO) provide realtime situation map which categorizes by country and also graph to show the number of reported cases in each day. - This website has more detail than the WHO map because it was categorized by city or province (depends on country). It was created by a 17-year-old kid! You can support his work by buying him a coffee on this site - This map can sort into 3 categories - Confirmed, deaths and recoveries cases. Helpful to use this info for analysis.

2. Useful information from WHO

The World Health Organization or WHO is the biggest organization related to world public health, established by the United Nations (UN).

They provide a lot of useful information such as ways to prevent yourself from the virus video, travel advice, and general knowledge of COVID-19.

Click here for WHO official website

3. Special source (depend on your country)

Do you know that Thailand has their own tracker for screening fake news and update realtime cases in the country?

Do you know that Taiwan has their own app that can track real-time numbers of available surgical masks for sale in the country?

These are very creative and useful ideas. Can you imagine if developers around the world create something like this or adapt it to each area, how many people can use this data and can be saved from the virus? I think we all know the answer.

We need to help each other at this global crisis time!

More useful sources that we can find are here:

Finally, Miwayla team don't need any money or donation from you. We just hope that this article can help you and your loved ones to prevent getting new coronavirus! See you in the next article.

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Jun 15, 2020

Good info.


Michael Jack
Michael Jack
Jun 03, 2020

When will COVID-19 end...


Mar 15, 2020

Nice and useful content

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