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How to get cheap flights!

If you want to travel but the problem is the ticket flight which is very expensive! Here we will show you how to solve this problem.

Let us show you some examples of a cheap flight.

How about going to Europe? You can go to Spain with $242 with Lufthansa! (Top 10 best airlines in the world)

Or get across the world from the USA to Thailand just $441 !!

Or pay just $56 more for top 5 airlines of the world like ANA with good transit time.

Now, we will show you a technique to get the cheap flight.

- Visit and select origin & destination (this case is USA & Thailand)

- Select “Whole month” and click “Cheapest month” then “Search flights”

- Then select your interested destination and departure airport. This page will show you the different price of each place to let you compare

Tip: Price may have a big difference within a country so you can justify the price with transportation cost & time to go to your interested destination.

Then Skyscanner will show you the cost of each day. Let’s select 12 – 24 Sep. (Even you select the yellow color date, the price is not much different)

- Now you can select your suitable time, airline and the price that you want. (You can adjust by using the filter on the left)

- Select the agency that you prefer and trust to book. Or check the airline website directly because sometime it will be cheaper and trusted. (Sometime it’s more expensive as well)

All right, here is the basic way of how to get cheap flights. We recommend you to check the website routinely because airlines always have a promotion. You may get a better price with a better airline in the next 2-3 days! Or you can click on “Get price alert”, Skyscanner will send an email to you when it has a better price.

The important thing is the “Flexibility”, you need to flexible on places and time. If cannot, you can be more specific by select the month or remove “Add nearby airports”. You may find some good deal as well.

Stay tuned with our website for more interesting content soon! Byeee.

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1 Comment

Titan S001
Titan S001
Jun 09, 2020

Thanks for your useful info.

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