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Why you should review your trip after travel

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

There are many reasons that you should review your trip after travel. No need to be a blogger to review your trip. Everyone can share travel story.

A journey never ends in our life.

1. Memorable moment

Memorable moment. Activities, friends, cultures from the trip.

Study say you can memorize things better when you share it with someone which mean your memorable moment will be in your mind longer and stronger. Keep this moment with you forever. Especially the one that you love.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration others. Just a little from everyone is enough

Have you ever feel inspired when you see an interesting picture or story ? If yes, we are the same. World keeps getting better when people inspire each other and do something. Some people get inspired and go to explore the world. Some want to help protect the environment. Just clean a beach from plastic bag is counted!

3. Side benefit

Side benefit from sharing stories.

Several people just share their travel story on travel website and become popular. They get free offer from hotels, airlines, tours to review product & service. Some even have their own blog website later. Our website are more than welcome to let you promote your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel as long as your review benefit to others.

4. Better trip

Better trip. Secret place to go, awesome hotels or restaurants.

A sharing is a main success factor in a leading company because it helps to improve yourself and others by getting feedback from each other. You help people to have more information to plan their trip, you also get some experience from others. No one can know everything that why we need to share. I guarantee that you will have a better trip next time when people comment on your post.

5. Community

Traveler community. New friends from the trip.

Normally people who like something in common will get along with each other easily. Members in a community website sometimes just comment in the post, keep replying and become friend eventually. Some of them meet in the website as stranger and travel together later. We hope our website will be one of this channel to create a better place for this world.

Don't forget to visit our reviews forum! Here is an example review from our member. Maldives Paradise Island!

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3 則留言

Dolly A.
Dolly A.

Because you and others will share the great and fun experience together. Therefore, techniques to maximize a fun trip are frankly told to each other.


Pakkaphol Uoo7
Pakkaphol Uoo7

Because the one who has no chance to go can have a virtual experience with many people's stories.



Haha. I wrote already ^^

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