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Vincent T.
Jun 10, 2020
In Trip reviews
Grüß Dich. Let's play a game here. Do you think where am I ? Here is a clue for you, I stay in a country which has the most active volcanoes in the world..........Do you know now ? If no, this country is in Asia. Okay, the answer is Indonesia. So that's why I came to this sulfur volcano. I think the landscape here is second to none in its own style. The terrain is similar to other planet. Dust - Ground - Sky and people wear mask like astronauts. I assume this is an alien plant and I walked through the desert. These pictures is a real color from my Nikon camera. Cloud above a mountain in white color. Spectacular terrain. There you go, this is what I mentioned. "Sulfur" ; Workers were transferring sulfur for sale while tourists were watching the unseen sulfur and smoke. Did I already tell you that this place is The "Ijen" Volcano. Sometime we must go somewhere that is outside comfort zone and see the world. I shared mine and now it's your turn to share a story. Give me some ideas which place should be my next destination. Tschüss.
Volcano of the Sulfur. content media

Vincent T.

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