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Aug 03, 2019
In Trip reviews
How are you doing ? Cruise may be one of someone's dream activity because of high price. Luckily that I had a chance to cruise in Europe and actually it was pretty cheap (maybe cheaper than hotels!) if you know a technique to book. So I'd like to share my experience with Miwayla traveler society in case that you are looking for information about cruise experience. I will tell you a technique to book cheap cruise in the end of the story. Hope you enjoy. (Please be note that I did not receive any sponsor from the Costa cruise so I can review this experience freely and fairly) After I bought a ticket in advance for several months, I went to the port that I was informed from the ticket and checked at the immigration (It's similar to the airport) and they stored my passport which will provide back and the end of the trip. The cruise company (I will call Costa from now on) took me and my father (my buddy in this trip) to the bus and transferred to the cruise. This process depends on the port that you on board, some of them you can just walk to the cruise right away after checked at immigration. I really excited to on board because I never cruise with as big as this ship before. Security checked my information again and let me get in. Crew told me which room is mine and provided information sheet that I need to know. Then, I & my father took the elevator in the ship and went to the room. After I got in, there were cruise member cards, activity and detail sheet of this ship. For the life jackets, we need to use them and practice for emergency drill on the first day that on board. This is the very important card because it was used to identify yourself as passport even you disembark the ship to each country in Europe during the cruise. I selected this route because the ship will visit 3 countries (Italy, France and Spain) and I can get back to the same place to fly back to my country. The most important one is the price is cheapest (only $430 per person) and reasonable. It's incredibly cheap if you think that you pay for 7 days hotel + 3 meal buffet per day and transportation cost to each place. Don't you think ? I turned on TV and skimmed through menus and watched safety video. After completed, I and my father went to the briefing room. But looked like we went to the wrong room. This one is German briefing room (I believed) so we asked crew there and went straight to English briefing room instead. It's quite hard for the first day because I still don't know each room's name and where is it. Here is the English briefing room. She was introducing places in the ship. What time that you can have dinner and what is unmissable activity. After briefing completed, we rushed back to our room to relax for a while and then went to emergency drill room (same room with German briefing room). They taught us about how to use safety equipment and sound alarm. Sorry that I cannot show the picture because they did not allow to take a picture. Here is an example of activity on the ship today. I decided to go for Live show - "Feel the Beat" because it was not too late (My father don't like to sleep late). Theme code for dinner today is "70s" but we don't have that style clothes so we just eat only. lol (Actually, it was not serious to wear theme clothes.) Here were our first dinner. Food will be served as a course. Appetizer, 1st & 2nd main courses, dessert. After that we went to the theater to see the Live Show. It was colorful. I made some new friends there. A couple of British told me a story of their married life a bit and this cruise was a gift from her husband as anniversary gift. Quite romantic. lol I did not meet them again after that. A thousands of people on the ship. We went back to the room and went to the bed. Our first day end here.
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