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7 Days Europe Cruise Review [Costa Diadema]
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Aug 06, 2019
Next day, we woke up early morning and had breakfast. A lot of food. Breads, Fruits, Desserts. It's like a heaven for me. The cruise ship that I selected have 2 breakfast rooms. The food is very similar so it does not matter which room to go. First breakfast from the ship. After our stomach are full. We explored around the ship so we will not miss the room again next time when it has interesting activity. Today ship will land on Marseille in France. We did not have plan for today except just walking through the city. Actually, you can buy a tour from the cruise service as well. They will provide you a bus and take you around the city. They had several package to choose but we wanted to travel ourselves on the first day of the cruise. We disembark from the ship around 9 AM. (meeting time). Security scanned our ID card (member card) and walked through immigration point. This means that we were in France but did not have passport except ID card from the cruise only. The street of this city. They had city tour bus that look like a train. First place that we visited. Cathédrale La Major. I just saw this place pop up in google map so I thought it must be famous. Inside Cathedral was quite beautiful. After that we walked along the bay to go to the city center. Awesome architecture. After walked for a while and looked at the watch, it's almost lunch time so we selected the restaurant around there and had lunch. Caesar Salad and Mussel. The meal was quite nice but a little expensive. We started to walk back to the meeting point. The cruise provided shuttle bus between meeting point and the ship every 20 minutes at this port. So we did not wait long. Costa Diadema from my camera this time, not from wikipedia. lol. Around 5 PM. The ship departed from a port and cruised to next destination. We had dinner after walking for all day long. Really hungry. Oh I forgot to mention that cruise will arrange dinner 2 times a day (6:30 PM and 9:15 PM). You will be told which round that you will get. Because they don't have enough table for all customers at once. However, if you want to change dinner time, you can request customer service. Dessert always nice. End one more day. Wheeew, it took some time to do this review. I think I will do the rest of the trip in next post. It's very long now. See you next time Miwayla traveler society.
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