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Jun 29, 2019
In Trip reviews
I never thought before that Thailand will be a country that I want to keep visiting. I heard many people said it is nice but I never believed until I found out by myself. I visited Dasada Garden at Khao Yai. This place is fabulous. A lot of type of flower. Here is the gate to the garden. It was bind with fern and trees. Orchids garden that you will never stop taking photos. Plentiful with a bunch of species. Yellow, white, purple, pink. They were so cool. Rose garden beside the souvenir shop. I felt so romance. Teddy bear in souvenir shop. I don't know what this one calls but it looks nice with a lot of friend. Just sit around there and listen to the music is so relax. Here is the name plate of this place (I did not get any sponsor from them by the way. lol) They had a show about story of Thai King. Quite interesting. After the show completed, I walked to the animal garden. I think it calls guinea pig ? Duck. Rabbits. So cuteee. Actually, it has a lot of things to see but I cannot upload them all. For example, this view. It's time to say good bye to this place. So sad but the journey must go on.
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