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Xiao Heng
Jun 24, 2020
In Trip reviews
你好 Nǐ hǎo Hello everyone. A few years ago, I spent my summer school in New Zealand a few months to study English and experience new things that I never had a chance. I asked my parents to go to NZ with all of my money that I collected for the whole life. (All of my moneyyyy !!!) I lived with NZ host and studied in Christchurch but there was a tour from school with an additional payment to travel at Queenstown. It's quite expensive but finally I decided to go because not much chance to travel abroad, right? The tour took us to Lake Tekapo and Church of good shepherd as a first place in the trip. These are Lupin flowers. I went there around Apr so it's not a blooming season. I always think of Lake Tekapo with Lupins. Look at next picture. This one. Although the one that I visited did not have, it's still beautiful. Next destination is Queenstown. The most popular city in South Island. A lot of duck here and white bird > I don't know how to call this bird. We slept there on that night at Hostel with my friends from English school. The next day we went to Milford Sound. A Guide from the tour dropped us at this place to take pictures of this beautiful scenery. And visited Mirror Lake. It mirror the mountain. Nice spot from this place. At last, we caught a cruise at Milford sound. It's the must to do at this place. We took the ship to roam in this area. The seat inside, quite comfy. The ship aparted from the dock.
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