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May 27, 2020
In Trip reviews
Hi traveler society! The topic of my thread sound exaggerate but it's quite true for Cebu Island in Philippines. My trip started with Philippines airline and landed at Mactan-Cebu International Airport. After landing, getting through the immigration, you can see the booth outside the airport. There are 2 telephone company booths. First one is Globe and another one is Smart, my friends bought Sim card from each company to compare. Look like the Smart is cheaper and signal is better for the whole trip. I think it's because Smart is the new company to compete (I don't know, just guessing). At the immigration, there is a special lane for the senior (60+ years old) so you can bring your family along easily! Today we will go to Bohol Island by boat via Cebu (Pier1). The price is not expensive at all, it is 475 PHP (9 $) for open air class and 525 PHP (10$) for tourist class (air-con.) We chose open air to see the view around the area. It's also the first time for me in Philippines so I want to see this country without a window. When we arrive there, a lot of tour program offer tourist. You can negotiate the price as you want. You can pay them for the whole day and a driver will bring you around an island. The first place that we visited is man-made forest. This tree tunnel is so cool, I took a lot of portrait with my friends. :) Location: It's noon time so we asked our driver to find a restaurant. This island is famous for floating Restaurant, they will take you through a river with food (Buffet) then visit local village. Oh they also has a singer to sing along the way to the village. :D Nice food but it's a bit salty. Delicious anyway. Here is the local village. They had some show for us (For example, fire breathing show) And some souvenirs to sell. Next one is Tarsier Conservation area. This animal is quite timid so you cannot use flash and cannot speak loud, I heard that it may die if it feel nervous. Don't scare Tarsier! My recommendation is you should talk with your driver about this location because I think my driver took me to the zoo that has Tarsier, I think it was a private zoo, not the Tarsier conservation area. That's quite sad :( Location: Next one is the famous place! "Chocolate Hills" you know, when I was a child, I thought they collected a lot of Cacao that as big as mountain. lol. Actually, it is hills that color is like a chocolate. Anyway, this place is breathtaking. Beautiful, isn't it ? Location: It's late afternoon now so we decided to go back to the Cebu island and rest at the hotel. "Don't forget" to download "Grab" application so you can call a taxi easily in Cebu city (It's quite cheap too!) Next day, we took a bus from Cebu city to Alegria. I booked the hotel name "Bamboo Beachhouse" because it's near a lot of waterfalls in that area such as "Kabutongan Waterfalls", "Dao Waterfalls", "Aguinid Falls" It's very adventure part for the trip. You need a guide to visit there. Just wander around the area and the guide will come to you. haha. This hotel is not luxury but the view is worth millions. You can walk to the sea in the morning when it's low tide. This is a shallow reef so watch out and don't step on them. They takes years to grow. I use an action camera to take this picture. You don't need to swim at all. Watch out for starfish. Sea urchin ? It's a little glow ? Okay, let's start with Dao waterfalls. You will see an entrance with a guide. Pay for entrance fee then you will see this beautiful view. Location: Where the fun begins. Keep walking and walking. Finally, it's amazing. So high. We took a lot of pictures here. The water is cold as well, you can swim around.
Hidden Gem in the Middle of Ocean content media
Jul 06, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hi traveler society! This time I will review Singapore Lounge at Changi airport. This Lounge is Ambassador Transit Lounge. This area is quite private. Not much people when I was there. Plug service is available beside armrest. You can use free wifi here. TV is quite small. Only a few people can sit around there. Here is food corner (Real corner, haha). Both Eastern and Western food are available. This one is noodle corner. You can ask chef to prepare for you. The taste is Ok but not excellent. Here what it looked like. Beverage & dessert is quite small if you compare with normal lounge. Cookies and Coffee Took some more food before embark the airplane. This one is a plus of this lounge. It's beside airport sunflower garden. So you will have a good view. However, it's smoking area. Final picture before I left. Summary: Ambassador Transit Lounge is good for the people who want to stay private and not care much about the food. If you focus on food, I recommend other lounge in the airport. See you next time the traveler society.
Review Ambassador Lounge Singapore [Changi] Airport content media
Jun 20, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hi traveler society! It's me again. Today I will review Oman Air Lounge at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the entrance After you registered the entry with your card, you can relax at these couches. Several couches for you to choose. Big space to relax. Here is food corner. Mainly is middle east food. Although, they are not my favourite, the taste is Ok for me. I prefer this corner, dried fruits! Date, Apricot and a lot. A lot of drinks A lot of Alcohol as well.
Oman Air Lounge Review (Bangkok, Thailand) content media
Jun 11, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hi traveler society! I visited BKK airport to go to Italy last month and I think it might be useful for the traveler society to decide which lounge to go at this airport. I use priority pass card to access the lounge although I did not fly with Airfrance/ KLM or Korean air. The lounge is quite clean and convenient. Magazines were provide during waiting the flight iMac are available in case you need to use a computer. They also provide wi-fi password as well.
Airfrance / KLM Lounge Review at BKK airport (Thailand) content media


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