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Jun 24, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hello!! Hello! Hello traveller. Last summer I traveled with my friends to Hongkong. One of our highlight is Disneyland, the place that I want to visit since I was a child. Finally, it became true so I want to share with you. To go to Disneyland is very easy if you go by MTR. I went there from Mong Kok station. You can check on MTR website for the map or use MTR app also easy. Just go to Sunny Bay station by using MTR Tung Chung Line (orange line). After that, catch a train to Disneyland resort. Once you onboard the train. Even the handle is Mickey Mouse theme. >_< And yeahhh. We arrived. Here is a directory Board. Let's go. Mickey surf on a whale. This is so cuteeee. The entrance is like a castle. (with Mickey face on the lawn. lol) I already bought the ticket online so we just showed the ticket to the staff and got inside. No need to wait for the queue to buy a ticket. The price may be vary from time to time so checking on the website directly is a good idea. [I bought around 600 HKD] You may buy from an agency at city center, the price may be cheaper than direct purchase. After got inside, you will see a newsstand cart that sell souvenirs . Mickey Mouse is there! Ahh. Yippy. Gotta go to take a picture with him. Disney Town. A lot of shop and restaurant. But they are quite expensive. T_T This will be our first rides today. Here we are Dumbo. We were flyinggggg. Next, we will go to Toy Story Land
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