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Miwayla Official
Apr 01, 2019
In Trip reviews
Long time no see ! It's been a while after last post. This will be final post of this trip. Hope you enjoy! We did not expect much today because no famous attractions in this area so we just keep exploring and finding things that look interesting. Unfortunately, it has fog and rain on that day so the vision while driving is not clear. We saw a place called "Londrangar" and decided to stop. We walked with the raincoat and saw this view. The sea was raging but it's also beautiful. Suddenly we noticed a mysterious castle in the mist! Wohhh. Quite scary and interesting. It turned out to be that we got this interesting picture. After we departed, we visited "Hellnar" that the name looks scary again. We walked around the area and found chocolate stream (Actually, it is mud from rain and dirt. Haha) There is a cliff which you can walk on it. If you take a photo from that view, you may get this nice shot. Caution! Although it has a path to walk there, it's quite slippery. Please be careful when walk in this area We drove around and visited a few more place before end of the day. Today, we rested at Staðarhús, I really like this one because it's the house in the middle of wild trees. You will have a biggg area around the house. Among those bushes are wild berry! I made some food and waited for upcoming night aurora (I thought it will be amazing if we see aurora in this open area). We kept checking on aurora forecast and setting our camera and here we go. Aurora on that corner of the sky. Kept taking photos guys!
Iceland Road Trip [13 Days 12 Nights] Final Part - Time to Say Good Bye! content media
Miwayla Official
Mar 26, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hi again ! This review is 2nd part of my Iceland trip review. If you have not read my first part yet. You can see it in link below. Let's continue our journey by riding these horses......Noooo, we are just kidding :P You can see these horses along the way in Iceland. Icelandic horse is quite unique with that hairstyle. It started to get dark so we went to our accommodation and cooked dinner and got some rest. Start new day with Vestrahorn and Viking cafe'. We walked around, took some photos and visited the old village and keep moving because today we have a long way to drive until next town. We rested at the hotel around Egilsstaðir area. If you have some time, we recommend to visit Seyðisfjörður. The place which is a location in the movie "Walter Mitty" although we did not have enough time to visit ourselves. Tips: The road in East Iceland is quite steep. You should be cautious and drive slowly in this area
Iceland Road Trip [13 Days 12 Nights] Part 2! - The Journey continues content media
Miwayla Official
Mar 24, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hi everyone! In last autumn, we have a chance to visit Iceland for 13 days and we want to share story of this trip with you. This is the first Miwayla trip reviews so we will try our best to write this post. :) After long flight, finally we arrived at Keflavík International Airport. We call rental car company to pick us up. After we signed documents, we started our trip ! We drove to buy some food, go around the city and visit the first night accommodation. Here are a group photo.
Iceland Road Trip [13 Days 12 Nights] - Northern Light, Blue Lagoon, Camping and more! content media

Miwayla Official

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