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May 18, 2019
In Trip reviews
Hello traveler community ! I had a chance to travel with Singapore airline but it just a few hours flight so this will be a short review. When I embarked, I took a newspaper to read along the flight. After that, cabin crew provided a refresh towel for you. I normally not see this service for other full service airline. Here is a compliment to use with the touchscreen. I looked through the application and found a lot of interesting things i.e. language learning app. The movie also quite impressive. Very up to date. Here Spiderman into the spiderverse (I took flight in April so it just was launched a few weeks). The aquaman was also available. I was served with this set + red wine to eat with beef. Looked nice, Huh ? It's delicious as well. Here is a salad. And a dessert.
#1 Airline in the World review (Singapore Airline) content media


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