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Boy J.
Jun 12, 2020
In Trip reviews
What's up everyone. Have you ever travel solo? I just found out recently that travelling solo has a lot of good things happen to me. I will describe you what I think along the way with my story on Chiang Mai journey. By the way, my name is Boy and I'm from Thailand so language is not a problem for me to speak with local. First thing that is great for travelling solo is you always stay with yourself. Whatever you do, you do it by yourself. If failed thing happen, it's because of you and you cannot blame anyone. Have you ever notice that sometime you blame people around you even they may not wrong. I just aware of this truth when I took a wrong bus after got out the airport and went o to an unknown destination. Luckily, the bus driver told me how to continue my journey to my planned destination. I think local here is kind and friendly. It's my first time to stay at the dormitory hotel without friends or family. I have to always think how to keep my stuff safely and use "Public" shower room. This is a challenge for me but it's fun and good experience after you passed it. I can still remember that during I was reading a book at the lounge of the hotel, I heard an US girl talking with her family about WWOOF, she said something like she can live on her own here by doning organic farm with WWOOF program, she does not need to use a lot of money. I wonder what is it so I google it. (Sorry to that girl that I overheard). For people that may not know about this, it is like a non profit organization that you can join and stay with local for free by helping them on organic farm as a return. But that's not the point here, I just want to share that staying with public area can make you broaden your vision. In my case, I know new thing and it makes me think that one day, I may have a chance to travel and live abroad with only small budget from this program. I visited a dog cafe for a first time in my life. It's quite interesting but when I was there, it's feeding time so dogs were tired and not active as they should be. The price was quite expensive as well. Anyway, it' fun and good experience for me (again).
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Boy J.

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