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What should I do if I already booked a trip to Virus risked country ?

During a situation like this, the virus is spreading, we should avoid visiting virus risked country as much as possible. But if you already booked the trip, what should you do?

1. Ask for Refund

Several airlines allow you to refund if that route flys to risked countries. Check with your airline or agency that you booked the trip for a refund policy. Although some of them have no policy on refund, you still can ask for the airport tax and get some money back.

Note: Some airlines allow to reschedule the flight for free instead of a refund.

For booked accommodation and transportation, communicate with them by calling or sending an email. Several online agencies have a refund policy to service customers, this can help on royalty with customers so you still have a chance to get a refund.

2. Defer the trip

As mentioned earlier, some airlines allow rescheduling for free of charge because of the virus. Try to negotiate with airlines, accommodation, transportation companies to defer the service date, at least they still can keep the money for their cash flow and we have more chances on the trip if the situation is better on the new date.

3. Move on

If the last 2 methods still don't work, you have only 2 choices.

1) Let it go - Leave your money and stay safe at home. In case you are lucky, the flight may be canceled within a few days before the time so you will get a refund back.

2) Continue your journey - think thoroughly that the destination is a real risk or not. Only 20 infected people from 100 million population, can you accept this risk ? Any insurance that can cover for this disease? It depends on your judgment.

It still a good thing to keep updated on the news, more infected people? any vaccine? any medicine that can cure? We cannot know the answer now but we believe that any problem has its own solution. Stay safe everyone!

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1 Comment

Jun 03, 2020

Thank you for your info. 👌👍👍

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