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5 Must-Have Apps when Travel

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

A holiday is coming! Don't forget to install these 5 Apps if you don't want to regret after your trip complete.

1. Splitwise

It's a nightmare when you travel with friends and have several expenses list, especially when that split is not divided equally or the expenses are in several currencies! This app can help with all the expense problem.

As you can see, the interface is user-friendly for everyone.

2. Easy Currency Converter

This app makes it easy for you to check the currency conversion rate so you know when is the best time to exchange your money. It also can work offline and calculate like a calculator so you can use it when shopping abroad.

3. Uber & Grab

Sometimes finding a taxi is very hard in some cities but this problem will be gone with these apps. They also guarantee you that the price is reasonable. You don't need to worry anymore for the overpriced fare because you are a tourist.

Uber is available in several countries worldwide and Grab is available in South East Asia.

4. Maps .Me

Google Maps is great but not the best for offline maps. We know that Google Maps has offline mode but still, a lot of details need the internet. Maps.Me is born to be offline maps, you can still search places, find a way to your destination without the internet.

There is no internet in some rural areas even in developed countries. That's why you need this app when travel.

5. Google Translate

Not every country that every people can speak English. It's hard to communicate although using sign language. This app can translate text from taking a picture and from handwriting as well, this is very useful when you don't understand signs or product labels.

We hope these apps can help you travel smoother. Leave some comments below and tell us what apps you use when you travel. Let share your experience with our traveler society! :)

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new SS
new SS
Jun 15, 2020



Jun 07, 2020

I almost have all your recommended apps.


Jun 03, 2020

Thank you for your recommend application

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